3MTM ClarityTM Ultra Self-Ligating Braces

3M ClarityTM Ultra Self-Ligating Braces inspire confident and comfortable smiles while you are wearing braces. So you don’t have to wait until your braces come off to enjoy your smile. You can feel confident and smile beautifully both during and after treatment. 


3M ClarityTM Ultra Self-Ligating Braces feature the exceptional quality and leading-edge technology that only 3M can provide. Get the healthy, natural smile you want and the confidence to be yourself while wearing braces. 



Six reasons to smile confidently with 3MTM ClarityTM Ultra Self-Ligating Braces. 



- Smiles designed by science. 

The braces are made from a high-tech, translucent ceramic that naturally blends with your teeth. 


Look great from start to finish. 

Clarity Ultra clear braces resist staining, discoloration and do not require ligatures that may stain during treatment. 


Delivering excellent comfort. 

Clarity Ultra clear braces feature smooth surfaces and rounded edges, reducing the rubbing and irritation typical of some braces. 


Convenient and easy care. 

With no ligatures to trap food particles against the teeth, Clarity Ultra self-ligating brackets may be easier to keep clean and avoid plaque build up on the tooth enamel. 


You may spend less time in the orthodontist’s chair. 

With no ligatures to put on or take off, your appointments may not take as long—giving you more time to get out and enjoy life. 


Always in and working. 

Unlike clear aligners which must be removed for eating and drinking*, Clarity Ultra clear braces stay in place so your treatment’s always advancing. 



What are self-ligating braces? 

Self-ligating simply means the braces work without ligatures—the bands that other styles of braces use to hold the archwire in place. Instead, Clarity Ultra self-ligating braces have small ligating doors which open, and snap closed over the archwire for a more natural look. 

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