Self-Ligating Bracket Hand Instruments

SmartClipTM Appliance Wire Disengagement Hand Instrument
Archwires are removed from ClarityTM SL Brackets or SmartClipTM Brackets by sliding the instrument’s hooks beneath the archwire and lifting it away from the bracket with a squeeze.

Slide Reorder Pack 5/pk
804-162 Hook Insert Replacement with Allen Wrench and set of screws


UnitekTM Self-Ligating Bracket Debonding Instrument
Distinguished debonding tool designed for the 3M Unitek Self-Ligating Bracket System: ClarityTM SL Self-Ligating Brackets and SmartClipTM Self-Ligating Brackets. Also recommended for ClarityTM Advanced Ceramic Brackets. May be used with or without the archwire engaged in the bracket slot.


Double-Ended Dual Purpose Instrument

Double-Ended dual purpose instrument can be used to open the doors of Victory SeriesTM Active Self-Ligating Brackets.

Combines offset taper for removing AlastiKTM Ligatures on one end and an angled notch ligature director on the other end to facilitate AlastiK module placement in hard-to- reach places.


SmartClipTM Appliance Wire Insertion Hand Instrument
Using the single tip on one end or the double tip on the other end, archwires are engaged into ClarityTM SL Brackets or SmartClipTM Brackets with a roll of the hand.

804-152 .022 Bracket Instrument
804-153 .018 Bracket Instrument


UnitekTM Bracket Placement Instrument
Stainless Steel Reverse Action Tweezer/Instrument designed with Self-Ligating brackets in mind. The downward slope of the forearm improves operator visibility while placing the bracket onto the tooth. The instrument is constructed with a convex reverse end that can be used to seat brackets, the slender tips and concave undercarriage allow easy bracket removal from the APC Adhesive blister.



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